Strategic Business Planning

Developing your business takes time.

And often, if you’re busy running the business, or “doing the business,” you don’t have time to make strategic decisions for the long-term future of the firm. Massachusetts CPA firm EJC helps firms like yours make critical strategic business plans.

Your strategic plan can help you set direction and priorities for your company, make critical decisions easier, and help get everyone on your team on the same page. A sound strategic plan will provide you with a clear direction, helping you drive business success.

Some of our Strategic Planning services include:

  • Identifying the appropriate markets
  • Identifying and analyzing customers
  • Identifying key personnel and “missing links”
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Reengineering the organization
  • Planning orderly growth
  • Succession planning

Our Philosophy

Teamwork. Focus. Passion.
Summed up in a single word: SERVICE. Let EJC help you achieve and sustain success.

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